A-Live Entertainment

A-Live 2016 team coming soon!

A-live entertainment utilises only performers at the top of their fields. Focusing on teams/crews proficient in:

Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary, JFH and Acrobatics (Dream Team),

Hip hop and Comedy (Instant Bun),

Tap dancing (Tap Pack),

Breakdancing, Percussion and Crowd participation (Beat the Streets)

Vocals (Prince of Thieves).

Each team or genre with a professional and recognised team to perform at your event on their own or (our specialty) mixed with other genres in a blend of energetic but always classy dance and performing arts styles.

Please Note:
A-Live Entertainment are not an agent or management group. For professional enquiries regarding specific dancers please contact their respective agents.
For Enquiries & Bookings Contact
BJ Rorke 0411 467 109
Email: bj@a-liveentertainment.com.au
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